LMP Nutrition is a Nutrition Consultancy founded by myself, Louise Payne, Registered Nutritionist. We offer a range of different services, working with both individuals, groups and brands offering trusted expert nutrition advice.

So, what makes us different?

My Philosophy

Do you feel like you are often navigating through a minefield of inconsistent nutrition advice? It can certainly be confusing to know what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and in what quantities. The information you receive might be anecdotal or from people that advertise themselves as nutrition experts but aren’t actually qualified to be dishing out advice! It is important to remember that every body is different, and what somebody claims to be the best thing for them won’t necessarily be right for you. Not only is it unlikely to be trustworthy or reliable, it probably won’t be based on any facts or research either; putting your health at risk and wasting your time and money!

Unfortunately, pseudo science seems to have a louder voice these days, but I’m currently working to cut through the noise by providing evidence-based nutrition advice to help enhance your wellbeing, improve your performance and prevent disease. I’m passionate about fighting modern dietary myths and encouraging a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, nourishing and makes you feel good! I’m also an avid foodie and I believe that eating and cooking should be an enjoyable, uncomplicated experience. I demonstrate my love and knowledge around food with understandable and clear messages to empower your choices and help improve your relationship with food. Fad diets and restrictive eating really are a thing of the past, and I promote how healthy eating can be a lifestyle choice to help you feel the best version of you!

Scientific Expertise

I’m a fully Registered Nutritionist, specialising in Public Health, meaning I “meet the rigorously applied training, competence and professional practice criteria” of a Nutritionist. Although I appreciate everybody is unique, I base all of my advice and recommendations on scientific evidence and you can find me on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) here. This is extremely important to me as the title of Nutritionist isn’t protected by law, so anyone can advertise their services as a Nutritionist or a Nutritional Therapist without having the relevant qualifications. Registered Nutritionists are trained to at least degree level and I have a BSc (hons) in Nutrition from Bournemouth University (2012) and a MSc in Public Health from Worcester (2017). Furthermore, I have been awarded a BANT qualification in Nutrition for Optimum Sports Performance and Health. I participate in regular continuing professional development to ensure that what I’m advising and recommending is always legit and up to date. I am also the Regional AfN Representative for the West Midlands – passionate about inspiring budding Nutritionists and increasing CPD and networking opportunities.

Previous Experience

When I’m not doing my freelance work, which involves working with individuals and companies such as School Health UK, I am Lecturing in Food and Nutrition at University College Birmingham.

I have experience working in many sectors including the NHS, the food industry, food tech and the sports industry. I started my Nutrition career in the NHS working with a range of different service users, delivering consultations, planning and leading different healthy lifestyle programmes, as well as training other staff to ensure nutrition and health is embedded in their agenda. Furthermore, I worked with many different catering services across the NHS Trusts, developing menus whilst ensuring that special diets were catered for, dietary recommendations were met as well as ensuring that the meals were varied and enjoyable.

I have also worked within the food industry and was responsible for the creation and ongoing maintenance of recipes. I ensured the cookbooks were accurate with the relevant allergen and safety information displayed, including ingredient list and preparation & service methods. I worked alongside the Company Nutritionist, Food Technologists and Marketing regarding food trends, lifestyle diets, special diets, food labelling & product legislation, health & nutrition claims, allergens and healthier children’s meals. We also liaised with external stakeholders such as our suppliers, British Hospitality Association (BHA) and Public Health England (PHE) on the Sugar Reduction Programme. During this programme we discussed, designed and implemented solutions on how we as a company could meet the targets set by PHE.

Furthermore, I worked for an award-winning tech startup which has developed the world’s leading food search platform. Spoon Guru partner with grocery retailers worldwide, such as Tesco, to power their food search on their websites. I quality assured the data of each product to ensure the correct allergies, intolerances, lifestyle diets and nutrient diets are either allowed or excluded based on current legislation and guidelines. I updated policies regarding allergen legislation and nutrition guidelines in multiple territories and keep up to date with current food trends. I researched and proposed new dietary filters based on scientific evidence and provided nutritional advice to the rest of the company and our consumers. My role involved working with multiple stakeholders internally and externally including British Dietetic Association, Veganuary, Allergy UK and grocery retailers in different territories.